This unique Kivu 3 coffee is born in the mountains surrounding Lac Kivu, DRC. It is cared for by a co-op of coffee planters and innovators. Each cherry is meticuloustly hand picked and processed with quality in mind. The taste of fruits and the low level of acidity allows you to enjoy this cup at any time of the day!


Origin:Coffee of Lake Kivu (IDJWI ISLAND and its surroundings), South Kivu, DRC

Altitude: 1500m at 2000m

Process: Fully washed coffee KIVU-3

Varieties: Bourbon ( katomor, kbare16 and Mulungu)

Taste: taste of sweet dried cranberries, chutney and brown sugar with a pleasant level of acidity.

SAWA: Single Origin Kivu 3 (250g)

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    *Our 1kg format is delivered in two bags of 1.1 lb each to keep as much of your coffee as fresh as possible for as long as possible while you enjoy it at your own liking!